SHA Open House - January 18th

  • StudWhat’s Showcased  at SHA Today


Activity being Showcased


Come and learn from the world’s best teacher… your child!! You will be lead through a series of literacy, numeracy and fine art activities. Be prepared to adjust your hat sizes, because your brains are going to grow three sizes when these teachers are done with you!!!


The students are becoming the teacher today in 1C as they lead you through different activities showing you how much their brains have grown in math, writing, reading, science, and more throughout the year!  Come with your thinking hat on, because your child will be challenging you with their learning activities and you will be amazed at their growth since the beginning of the year! 😊


In 1K students will be guiding their guest(s)in various centers including writing, reading, math games, art and more. Come see how much we have learned and grown over the year thus far.


You are more than welcome to join our class for some fun learning in Grade 2!  Come and enjoy some interactive centres and learning activities with your child!  

We look forward to seeing you there!!!


Students will be guiding their guest(s) through a series a stations to showcase what they have been learning this year! Discover what your child has been working on in literacy, numeracy, science and more!


The students of 3D will guide guests through a galaxy of learning centers, including math, reading, writing, social and science activities. We will also show how we are using Seesaw to record and relay these learning adventures to a computer or iPad far, far away...


3N will be using Chrome Books to create  a Google Slide show presentation for our upcoming Pourquoi Tales assembly.  They will be responsible for formatting the slide, typing in their unique tale and adding pictures to the slides.


In 3H, students will be guiding their guests through various learning centers to show what they have been learning this year. Come and discover what your child has been learning in reading, writing, math, social, science and computers!

4C, 4E and 4P

Grade 4 students will lead their guests through various stations highlighting skills they have learned in religion, math, language arts, science, social studies, art and french.

Afterwards, join us in the gym as we present our grade 4  assembly and introduce our “Kindness Campaign”.


Students of 5K will be working on a math and literacy based activity which will enhance their knowledge of the world through exploring statistics from the book “If The World Were a Village” and will then apply their understanding of fractions and decimals to present this information to their peers.


Join us in 5P as we will be continuing our learning of Chemistry with an interactive activity/experiment.


Ici on parle français! Students will be busy reading, writing and practicing their presentation for their final project,a fashion show.  


Join 6H as they work on a cross curricular math and science interactive activity that ties together high tides, neap tides, moon phases, chart reading, analyzing data and graphing skills.


Join us in the sky dome (6R) where you can learn all about the constellations, the moon and the tides. Including mapping, graphing and all the fun of space!


Coding using MicroBit and Ozobot (robot) Technology. The Grade 6s are learning a new language and are excited to show you how they have put their new skills to use…


Students will be busy working on various skills including recorders, ukuleles and voices.


Students in Grades 3-6 will be developing their skills in the sport of Pillo Polo.