School Council's major fundraiser is now on.

This provides extra activities for our students as the AHS guidelines allow. 

Spell-a-Thon packages will be coming home with students in the coming days and are due back on Tuesday, October 20th.

Students will be taking the Spelling Challenge on Tuesday, October 20th. 

The reveal will occur on October 30th.

Online Donations Guide
a) Please go to Sacred Heart Academy’s home page www.sacredheartacademy.ca and select the “Donate” tab at the top.
b) Fill In “Gift Information” by selecting an $ amount. This will be the total amount of pledges and should match your pledge sheet.
c) Then proceed to the “Fund Destination” drop down menu and choose the destination for the donation (Sacred Heart Academy - Spell-a-Thon).
d) Under the “Tribute Information”, a donor can choose to donate in honor or in Memory of someone or something; this area can be left blank.
e) IMPORTANT - “Message to School Board” is where you need to enter your students name so that they get credit for the pledges.
f) Click on “Add to Cart”.
g) Checkout – allows for the opportunity to edit the donation before completion.  If the information is correct, select “Continue.”