Winter Clothing 5K Good Works Project

Community Coats Good Works Project
It is our Christian belief that our time, talent and treasure are gifts given to us by God to be used wisely in sharing with others. We recognize that Christian service is an integral part of our Christian witness and therefore, this year as a part of our school and community based Good Works Projects, the class of 5K will be collecting winter clothing for Community Coats.
Community Coats is a local organization that provides warm clothing for children and adults in the Strathmore and District Community. Starting October 26th and running until November 13th, clean jackets, ski/snow pants, mittens and toques that are in good condition can be dropped off to the 5K classroom. On November 13th, all donations will be dropped off at the Healing Harvest Center Church in Strathmore. In previous years, we have successfully donated several large bags of clothing from the families of Sacred Heart. Please help make this year another warm one for the less fortunate in our community.
God Bless,
The class of 5K